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  • Works for events with or without their own website
  • Web based, so there’s nothing to install, update or maintain on your machine
  • Every user has 24 hour access to the system. Work from home, office or an internet enabled phone.
  • All data is protected and backed up
  • Information privacy. Volunteer information is only available to those managing them.
  • Website can be branded with your Event’s and Organization’s logos, if desired

For the Volunteer Coordinator

  • Specify date when volunteer access can begin
  • Customize the profile fields a volunteer is asked to complete and which are required
  • Volunteers directly enter their own information, greatly reducing data entry and clerical work by the Coordinator
  • Enforcement of Volunteer Waiver and age requirements. Volunteer must agree before they can register.
  • Hide certain groups with special requirements (e.g. Medical) from volunteer preferences
  • Users can retrieve their own lost passwords
  • Communicate with volunteers either by posting items to the Volunteer News screen or by email
  • Import Groups, Jobs and Shifts from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • Multiple reports exportable to Microsoft Excel for additional manipulation. Reports are provided to track hours, who’s currently on site, etc.
  • Coordinators can store confidential notes about a volunteer
  • Complete control over which jobs are available to which volunteers
  • Unlimited groups. Multiple Captains and Coordinators can be assigned when necessary.
  • View account creation date and last login to identify both recent and lost volunteers
  • Deactivate users without deleting them
  • Easily Email single volunteer, all volunteers, or volunteers by group, job or shift
  • Manage the collection, submission and tracking of criminal background check data for each volunteer with the optional add-on. Data is formatted for submission according to federal standards. Supports separate background checks by local and federal agencies.
  • Print custom credentials with the optional credentialing add-on. Items that can be printed on a credential include photo, organization name, custom access icons and a barcode ID for scanning. A credential "hold" can be set to prevent accidentally printing a volunteer's credential before they've completed a background check or their assignments have been finalized. Photos can be captured on-site using a webcam.

For Group Captains

  • Easily Email all volunteers in your group or by job or even shift
  • Print out daily shift reports with volunteer contact information
  • Easily see which shifts still need to be filled
  • Edit profiles or select schedules for volunteers when necessary
  • Volunteers are prevented from removing themselves from shifts at the last minute

For Event Volunteers

  • Log in using either a username or email address
  • Supports volunteers without an email address or who share one with another volunteer
  • Simple interface with limited choices and help text under most fields
  • Fast check-in for shifts using barcode scanning avoids waiting in long lines
  • Easily email captain(s) and/or volunteer coordinator(s)
  • Prevents accidentally signing up for overlapping shifts
  • Volunteer can begin registering before any job or shift information is in place
  • Print out work schedule, including Captains’ phone numbers in case of problems or questions