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Here’s a brief overview of how VolunteerManagement.net helps you manage your volunteers.


VolunteerManagement.net is an Internet application. Everyone accesses the system using a standard internet browser. There is nothing to install or maintain on your computer. As long as you can access the internet, you can use VolunteerManagement.net.


One or more Volunteer Coordinators manage the system. These Coordinators have complete control over all event information in the system and have full access to every volunteer.

Volunteer jobs can be organized into Groups each led by one or more Group Captains who report to the Coordinators and take primary responsibility for managing their volunteers. Group examples might be Security, Concessions, or Medical Services. Captains can only access the volunteers and information in their group.

Each Group contains various Jobs. Each job can have multiple Shifts. A shift has a location, start and end time, and a minimum and maximum number of volunteers required.


A unique website is established for use by your event’s volunteers. You can link to this website from your event’s site or include the link in emails to prospective volunteers. The website can be branded with your event’s or organization’s logos, if desired.

Volunteers can immediately begin to self-register within the system. A customizable waiver and list of volunteer requirements must first be accepted before registration is allowed. Volunteers provide basic contact information, applicable skills and their work preferences. The Coordinator controls which fields are requested and which are required.

The Coordinator enters all groups, jobs and shifts into the system. For convenience, these can be assembled in an Excel spreadsheet and imported in a single step. Captains are assigned to each group by the Coordinator.

The Coordinator assigns every volunteer to the jobs they are allowed to select from. This guarantees that all areas are covered and volunteers have the skills necessary for the job.

Once jobs are assigned, the volunteer selects the shifts that fit their schedule. They can print out their entire schedule, including Captain phone numbers, to bring along in case they have questions or need assistance while on duty.

Captains review their shifts to identify which are understaffed and make necessary adjustments. During the event, Captains can print out each day’s shift details which includes volunteer contact information.

If the optional criminal background check add-on is used, the volunteer enters additional identification information which is visible to the Coordinator only. The system generates a report in the format requested by federal agencies and tracks where each volunteer is in the process.

If the optional credentialing add-on is used, the Coordinator assigns desired credential information, such as a photo, organization and access icons to each volunteer. Photos can be entered in advance or captured on-site using a webcam. Credentials are generated in your defined layout to a PDF file. Additional features prevent printing credentials for certain individuals and tracking credential delivery.


Coordinators and Captains can easily email volunteers by group, job or even shift.

Volunteers can easily email their Captains or Coordinators if they have a question or a problem.

Reports and printed schedules include phone numbers for quick reference

Attendance and Reports

On each day of the event, volunteers can quickly check in by scanning a barcode or keying in a volunteer ID.

Reports are available before, during and after the event to provide daily shift information, hours worked, current volunteers on-site, etc.